Hi I'm Miyu Sanoh, I'm a curvy teen filipina (pinay) and I'm a first time model, yes everything I do in my videos and photos are all first time and I haven't done any modeling before this. Together with a friend I have just started on this project. I'm a bit shy on my first few shoots because we do all of them outdoors with people that might be roaming around but I'm slowly getting used to it and hopefully I can do better with every photoshoot and videos I do.
I will soon be touring around the country for my shoots so you might see me around your area doing my stuff. If you recognize me and you don't mind being captured on camera for my channel, then feel free to approach me nicely.
Please like my channel and subscribe for my upcoming videos. I need all the support you can give me so I can continue the momentum I have now as I am starting.